Orthodontist and Dentist Marketing Experts

Orthodontist and Dentist Marketing Experts

How does an Orthodontist/ Dentist dominate their market? How does a new Orthodontist/Dentist quickly acquire new patients to meet their investment demands? How does our client have twice the average patient volume over their competition throughout their entire state?  

Our expert, Jeff Turnbow, has been working with Dentists / Orthodontists and growing their practice well over 15 years and in many states across the US. There is an art and science to successful marketing. Helping others obtain their goals is not his job, it's his passion! He is now an international speaker and best selling author, touring the world and speaking about how to turnaround or grow successful businesses. However, Jeff works closely AND EXCLUSIVELY with every single client!

You will get his marketing mastery and experience and never simply get passed off to an account rep.


Whatever it takes! Custom websites, social media marketing, Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and custom marketing strategies designed specifically for your Dental or Orthodontic practice.


We understand that every practice has unique needs, objectives and goals. We will work with you to determine your best go to market ideas that will distinguish you from your competition. After that, we will target your marketing with accuracy and deliver measurable results. When you are ready to get real results for your Dentist or Orthodontist practice, get the marketing expert hired by Universities, Top Media Companies, and The Largest Digital Marketing Conference Series in the World.

Or call "Dr. K" in the video on this page and ask about her results :) 

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What We Believe

Be honest in all communications

We can get what we want if we help enough others get what they want

If you can't measure it, it didn't happen

Profits are the client's end goal

Be faster, leaner, smarter and care more

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