TURNBOW mentioned in Forbes

While launching the new business reality show, Binge networks invited us to be featured in their blog post and ultimately was mentioned for innovation in the Forbes article. The article states: In terms of media exposure, the internet has given birth to an entirely new genre of media innovation where companies like BingeNetworks have contributed to this medium in expanding their audience, such as Jeff Turnbow’s show Interruptit. The blog post from Binge Networks reads:

Jeff Turnbow, international marketing expert and speaker, has created an innovative video series, starring his real world business building team. It is an exploration of the passion sparking points of the world’s most innovative businesses, large and small. During each episode, Turnbow ‘interrupts’ each show with his thoughts, strategies, and marketing tactics that could improve or build upon the current business success. He points out areas of opportunity and potential barriers which could be holding back their growth as well. Viewers will likely find it equally entertaining, authentic, and educating all in one.

What is Interruptit about?

Turnbow built his personal brand and business success by creating a deep relationship with his client’s and their passion points. Interruptit builds upon that and captures that relationship within an unscripted, yet entertaining show. Turnbow offers up his marketing expertise and lessons on strategy for each client and inserts these lessons abruptly right in the middle of each episode. Turnbow and his sidekick/EVP, Joshua Smith, come and go throughout the episodes, purposefully giving you a snapshot into what they are thinking along the way. You can see that Turnbow and Smith are having authentic unplanned discussions which really brings through the authenticity and builds genuine viewer interest. Nothing appears overly staged or half baked.

In Episode 1 of Season 1, Turnbow visits one of America’s Most Haunted Hotels. What a strategic winning introduction for the series! The episode takes you on a tour of the hotel and downstairs morgue, all while the marketing director talks about their history, passion, and marketing strategy. Turnbow pops in to discuss strategies and tactics such as authenticity and branding. The show wraps up with their personal experiences while sleeping inside the hotel and reveals what they claim is a true paranormal experience caught on camera. It’s interesting, captivating, and chopped with fast pace changes and cuts that keeps the viewer spellbound – a real challenge for a business show today.

In Episode 2, Turnbow showcases the beautiful Branson, Missouri tourism efforts and the reasons they are one of the top 9 destinations in America. This happens, all while pointing out the business buzzword of the day “video marketing” and how a tourism destination such as Branson Missouri can capitalize by using it more. You get to go inside the community, their strategy, their offerings, and Turnbow’s vision of an even bigger opportunity just waiting for them to seize.

In Episode 3, the non-hunter Turnbow delves into the duck hunting capital of the world, Stuttgart Arkansas. Here is where Turnbow discovered a gold mine and an incredibly interesting success story about how duck spinners catapulted this business from a sleepy little town into a national ecommerce power player. Mack Prairie Wings reveals their secrets to success, or rather bold moves that created their big wave. They are the category owners in this niche but widely known marketplace. Here, Turnbow talks conversion optimization and web design strategies for increasing sales.

Within the first Episodes you can sense that Turnbow is showcasing businesses with his Arkansas footprint and the show seems to cast out from Arkansas covering businesses across the world. Upcoming episodes feature those in Texas, Mississippi, and the producers say they will jump over to and from LA and NYC. Each episode seems to get better and better as expected in a first series. There is talk of an on the road touring show experience coming soon. WHO IS JEFF TURNBOW?

Marketing Expert and International Speaker, Jeff Turnbow is known for business building and turnarounds. His reputation is seeded within a community of thousands of business owners and former employees of top media companies. He has a passionate following of influencers such as an online post of him alongside Memphis Grizzlies GM, during one of Turnbow’s “grind sessions”. Turnbow was once featured as a coauthor with Jack Canfield in Mastering the Art of Success, an Amazon Best Seller in four categories of business. In this book, Turnbow writes about creating business ‘Turnarounds’ and his chapter was selected as Editor’s Choice.

From this national publicity, Turnbow was invited to give various “Master Classes” and Emcee the 2018 and 2019 US tour of DigiMarCon, the largest digital marketing series in the world. Turnbow gave his lessons on Advanced Social Media Strategy, Conversion Optimization, and now has become a regular speaker to deliver the top ten digital marketing trends. Turnbow also received national recognition for leading large media organizations such as Gannett and Raycom to digital marketing success in top 50 US TV markets. According to his website, www.JeffTurnbow.com, the largest RV and Marine showroom in the USA (www.SouthavenRV.com) accredits Turnbow strategies for some of their explosive growth over the past five years. Adding to the appeal, is watching the man, the son of a farmer and factory worker, from a very small town, come to achieve his success of his own building through such innovative ways.

Turnbow said: “Having spent over 18 years getting deeply connected to the passion points of my clients, I wanted something to represent just that. I wanted a legacy, a visual representation of the thoughts, ideas, and passions behind business owners coupled with a snapshot of my thoughts and ideas along the way. My EVP, Joshua Smith captured it! I think that together we have created something very special, unlike anything else in business reality TV. I hope everyone can see our genuine care for businesses and hang on to see it develop and flousish”

Executive Vice President and Producer Joshua Smith added: “Jeff has created a cutting edge business show. He has captured something very special by entertaining us and educating us without boring us. Unlike the current climate of business shows, many of our episodes will take you directly inside the heart of innovative small to medium businesses which affects so many people everyday – all with Jeff’s brilliant ability to emphasize strategic changes and ideas to further their current success.”