The Must Have Marketing In Order To Win Local

When a business plans to open, they realize they need certain essentials. They need a building; They need a sign; They need things like a computer, receipts with logos, t-shirts, welcome mats, etc.  Many businesses fail

to realize there are foundational needs for a business these days - ONLINE.  Just as your business needs a brick and motor location, it needs a website - the online location. Just as people need to find and access that brick and mortar store, they also need to access your ONLINE STORE. In fact, it is actually MORE IMPORTANT to access your online store these days because 90% of business decisions are made ONLINE FIRST. So what do you NEED?

A Website and Social Media Presence. 

We spend more time on Social Media than almost ANYTHING ELSE.  Also, while many have a website, the business website must represent you in a professional way.  More importantly, it be built to CONVERT the visitor into an action - a call, purchase, or form fill. It must be built to SELL.

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Google Local Listings / Google My Business / Reviews / Local SEO 
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Paid Ads

Everyone does NOT click the top paid ads when searching. However, people who are READY TO BUY CLICK THE FIRST 3 LISTINGS BY AN OVERWHELMING AMOUNT! If you are not here, you are NOT WINNING LOCAL! This is also the FASTEST way to get new business! We can have you live here in 3-5 days!

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You can't just "do social media"

More customers "DISCOVER" new local businesses on Facebook than ANY OTHER SERVICE PROVIDER! (Square 2019)  Yes, over Google! That's right. We search Google AFTER we already know what we want or need but

Facebook advertising tells us "Hey! I want that!" or "We need to get that". That is what TV used to do years ago

before we spent more time on social than TV.  Forget what you knew about Facebook 2 years ago - it is different and MORE POWERFUL! (For example, most do not realize that 57% of MEN are on Facebook! Hootsuite 2020)

Build Constant Communication Programs

Collect emails and text numbers from EVERYONE - especially those who do not buy! 

Get a program in order to send bulk texts or emails whenever you can. Imagine if you had 1,000

text numbers during your next slow day - you could send a text blast of - 20% OFF TODAY ONLY - and your phone immediately starts ringing! 

Measure & Adjust

Just like you measure and adjust your sales and store traffic, you must constantly measure and adjust your

online store sales and traffic. We measure everything! We see what time of day works and what doesn't; we

know which keywords make your phone ring and which do not; we know which facebook ad was more effective

and why; If you 'set it and forget it' as most big busy marketing firms do today, you will get results. However, with

a dedicated expert, constantly optimizing your campaign, those same dollars you spend month over month, get

stronger and produce even more results. 

Is that ALL?

Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps you don't need all of that (most do). Perhaps you need more. You may need video (the most compelling and emotional way to sell); or you may need geofencing to take business from a strong

competitor. These are very foundational components that MOST businesses need and they are simply not winning because they either - don't know about it? Or, they know but don't know HOW? or, don't have the time.

You would never consider closing your brick and mortar doors no matter how busy or tired you get - the same is online. Don't close your doors where people are looking for you most often.

How Much?

I always answer that with "How much do you want or need"?  If business is great then you only need to spend 

a little bit - remember CURRENT CUSTOMERS leave, die, or shop around too.  If you are a new business or a struggling business, then you must invest an adequate amount to get results.  There are plenty of companies who will take whatever you are willing to spend - not us.  If we do not feel that your spend will deliver what you expect, we would rather lose your business now than lose it because we were unsuccessful.  We are WINNING LOCAL.

Our clients WIN.